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Quantum Touch for Education QTE is a charity dedicated to providing funds SPECIFICALLY for GIRLS' education in countries where the education of young women is not a priority due to economic reasons. This is intended to be used for the first years of general education, primary, secondary and high school (names vary country to country.)

*** 12/14/2018 ***
While I was doing long-distance QT, I was struck by the idea that I needed to align the stars in my hands. I have a star (not an asterisk star, but lines drawn into the pattern of a five-point, up-pointing star) in my palms. Google says that meant I had been a healer in a previous life and had the potential for being one again in this life. The one in my left hand showed up about 15 years ago, faded in and out for a few years and then came back like gang busters; and before that happened, the right one started to appear in similar fashion. I do not yet have feedback from the person on the other end, but for me the effect seemed more intense.


I am Margaret (Maggie) James and I have had a passion for women’s rights and particularly for the education of girls and young women. Via education we can break the bonds of indentured/familial servitude and provide a brighter future for our children.


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Contact: qt4edu.com@gmail.com